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Our mission is to help and support start-ups and small enterprises that do good for its people or the world to

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Both Co-Founders were born in the Philippines and what they wanted to do was to honour their roots, along with embodying the development that they wanted for themselves, which is to grow - and that's where Lumaki is from, a Tagalog word translated as "growing" or "enhance".  

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We put our people and our clients at the heart of what we do. 
Even if that means challenging you - even better, celebrate you!


By ourselves, we can achieve amazing things, but together we can achieve even greater things!
A collaboration can appear as delivering a project together, but this also means being able to support one another - because life happens!


It's in our name! Growth is embedded in our delivery and in our everyday life.
We care about the results we bring, but we also care equally as much for the growth of our team, professionally and personally.


How can we collaborate and put you at the heart of what we do without exceptional communication?
To understand you better, we use the power of communication to discuss goals and problem solve.

            Our Values  

Our four core values are interconnected with each other. 

As a company, we put our people and our clients at the heart of what we do.


Through people-centricity, we get the opportunity to get to know about how our clients are planning to grow and where we align with this journey. We also value our people's personal aspirations and wider vision for their current journey and future endeavours.

We get to discover the above insights through communicating with our clients to discover pain points and get to know our team on a personal level. 

In order to achieve growth for the clients that we serve and support our team with their development, collaboration is the pinnacle for all of those that are involved. 

                Meet The Team               

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Stevon Daef

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Co-Founder / Operations / Sales / Project Deliverer

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Gabbie Bool

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Co-Founder / Creative Director / Social Media Content Creator

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Sabrina Salo

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Marketer / Social Media Content Creator

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Victor Karuga

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Copywriter / Content Writer

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Jennifer U. Amarachi

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Social Media Management

                Meet Some of Our Clients               

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